When to rely on injection molding?

Injection molding is a production technique that requires high set-up costs in the face of a significant reduction in the unit price thanks to subsequent economies of scale.

Reason why this mode of production is typically used in mass production processes where the same part is printed several times in succession.

A management system that enhances

the efficiency of production factors

Duepi stands out for its many years of experience in the field of injection molding of plastic polymers and liquid silicone.

The skills of the staff, the investment in new technologies and the versatility of the materials used allow us to create a wide range of products for countless sectors, being able to guarantee an excellent level of organizational flexibility, while maintaining the efficient process.

To date, DUEPI can count on a total of 32 injection molding machines (26 presses for molding technopolymers, 6 dedicated to liquid silicone molding) with a tonnage starting from 35 up to 500 tons, each equipped with automated robots for the storage and withdrawal of the molded piece.

Finally, the presence of an internal mold division can guarantee continuity in production and speed in response times to emergency situations.


32 injection moulding machines

Reference point for a demanding clients

Our main focus: Quality

The quality control of the products is carried out using certified and automatic machinery.

Declarations of conformity relating to the technical specifications of a product take place as a result of tests, measurements, evaluation of functionality and inspections carried out accurately according to specific and certified criteria.

The customer can have at any time all the data relating to the order. Reporting and traceability of the lots are in fact cataloged and archived to be usable at all times, from the raw material used to the finished product.

In-house assembly services

The possibility of carrying out ancillary activities such as assembly internally allows Duepi to offer particularly competitive prices and delivery times, guaranteeing the customer the advantage of having a single point of reference in his supply chain.