design – construction – molding – assembly

Years of experience producing
moulded plastic polymers and liquid silicon.


Duepi has years of experience producing moulded plastic polymers and liquid silicon. Thanks to our know-how, the computerized and robotized moulding technologies and the versatility of techno-polymers, we are able to manufacture a wide range of products for a variety of industrial sectors: from early childhood, to electrical and medical applications, and many others industrial fields.


We offer a co-engineering design service, and rapid prototyping. Our team of specialized and skilled designers will support and help you with the design of your customized product, while pursuing the best technical solutions and the most effective cost-benefit ratio.

technical department

Our technical experts use the latest generation of workstations to analyze CAD models supplied by the customers or developped in house starting from drawing and specification. A Mould-Flow station equipped with dedicated software simulates the injection in a multi-cavity mould, foreseeing the behaviour of the materials during the industrial moulding process.


Research, development and customer care are our daily mission. Our team meets periodically to source and study new technological solutions, in order to satisfy a constantly growing market served with diversified materials and high quality products.

business office

Your satisfaction is our mission. Our team is constantly working to guarantee competence, collaboration, technical support and on-time deliveries: a winning philosophy by far.

The synergy and the know-how of the Companies in the SEALCORE Network provide the guarantee of a Quality Made in Italy, a complete service to meet the needs of the global market and a wide range of Technical Products: standard and endless O-Rings; rotary shaft oil seals; custom articles to dwg. in elastomer and rubber-to-metal; liquid silicone; 3D Printing; PTFE and high performance technopolymers; self-lubricating bushings and washers; fluid power sealing solutions.

Oringone Srl Large diameters and endless O-Rings produced with an innovative step-molding method.

Duci Srl O-Rings in various compounds with many approvals and certificates of quality, for a wide range of industrial sectors. From the automotive to the hydraulic and food industry.

Duepi Srl Molds design and manufacturing. Injection molding of custom made articles, in techno-polymers and liquid silicon. Articles produced with 3D printers.

Fluorten Srl PTFE, PEEK and HPP – High Performance Polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineered components.

FP Paris Srl Special large size Rotary Shaft Oil Seals for applications in the heavy duty industry.

ATS Special Oil Seals Srl Special large size Rotary Shaft Oil Seals for applications in the heavy duty industry.

Slib Italy Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other applications for the Hydraulic, Energy and Primary metals industry.

Sealfluid high perfomance sealing solutions for fluid power applications: hydraulic and pneumatic.

FP Milano Srl Industrial technical items.

FP Modena Srl Standard e Endless O-Rings rings for rotating shafts, industrial components in rubber-metal, elastomer, liquid silicone, PTFE and high-performance technopolymers.